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Default Clear coat over decal

I'm thinking about replacing a torn decal on the tank of my ST1300. The old decal has clear coat over it now so if I replace it should I apply a coat of clear coat over it after the new decal is on?


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Default Re: Clear coat over decal

My rudimentary concepts of paint and coatings is that, without proper skills and preparation, the spraying of any coating over an existing surface leads to very disappointing results. Having said that I can't imagine how your decal would hold up without the clear coat if was torn with clear coat on. For the price of a second decal maybe you could try it without and see how it works out?
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Default Re: Clear coat over decal

How did the decal get torn? Usually you would have damage to the tank if there has been enough force to tear the over painted decal.

There's lots of Hondas out there with just stuck on decals and they are fine but to make the tank look okay you would have to have either both or neither over painted. Tank decals will get a bit more wear and tear as well so I'd get a clear coat applied.
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Default Re: Clear coat over decal

Clear Coat is Paint with no Pigment.
Standard rules for painting apply. Take it to a paint pro.
Touching-Up a clear coat is extreemly difficult.
You will not get the results you are looking for and it will always look touched-up.
Touching-Up over a decal that has a clear coat applied goes over and above extreemly difficult into the next to impossible zone.

Drive it over to a quality paint shop, like them or not auto dealers use high quality paints and have high quality painters.
Ask whoever does their wreck repair to take a look and quote you a price for want done. Have the new decal in-hand.
Don't be surprised if the new decal has no "glue" to attach it.
It is more common than not that decals applied to any surface that will have a clear coat applied as the finish will not have "glue".
The decal will be applied to a "tacky" undercoat or as we know it the final color.
"Glue" does not play well with others and in this case others is paint in the form of clear coat.
You only get one shot at perfect placement.
Hold on to your wallet it will not be inexpensive by any stretch.

Quality clear coat is a art form and priced accordingly.
It is shot once because it does not tolerate corrections.

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