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Default HArbour Freight Angle Grinder

Ive had such good use out of this tool I MUST pass it on! I completed a GE Apprentice Machinist stint in the 70s so when my neighbor bulged the barrel of his shotgun he came to me for advice rather than take it to a gunsmith. We went to HF and picked up this angle grinder for $15 with some cut off wheels. In a jiffy we cut the bulged section off and finished cleaning up the end of the barrel with a bench belt sander. Now...the on /off switch didnt stay on and it took a lot of force to hold it in the ON position to use it. He said "You can have it." which was fine with me.

Ive since used it to sharpen about a dozen lawn mower blades and cut off the bars on my basement window so they dont block the dryer vent. I saw them on sale for $5 on the 4th of July this past week and you can get 20% off with a coupon anytime. I got mine for free but for $5 if you dont have one theyre pretty handy to have.

I fixed the defective switch by taking it apart and hardwiring it on when you plug it it. I should have taken it back right away and got another one but didnt think of it.
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Default Re: HArbour Freight Angle Grinder

There's an old saying: You get what you pay for.

The only tools I use from HF are the type that I describe as disposable: Hammers, pry bars, that sort of thing. Anything you get that uses electricity, well, stay away from those.

Anyone who uses their tools as part of their livelihood should never even enter HF.

Anyone silly enough to bypass the most basic of safety devices (for example, the ON/OFF switch)....well, there's a word for them. Something along the lines of cleaning the gene pool.

Do what you want. My grinder is a Dewault. My power tools are mostly Milwaukee. My hand and impact tools are a mix of Craftsman and Snap-on. No, you cannot borrow my tools.
Scott, 2012 "STutter", STOC# 8642
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Default Re: HArbour Freight Angle Grinder

Resist, I must resist.
"Today’s ride will remind me forever how good it is to be a motorcyclist, how good it is to be alive and how much we need to live life, rather than watch it pass us by." Green VFR. 1970-2012
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Default Re: HArbour Freight Angle Grinder

My mothers side of the family is from Newfoundland and I spent several summers there growing up. Those people dont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. They would use this angle grinder for 20 years and when it broke they would find a way to keep on using it. They built their own boats using junkyard engines and the waters around those parts are very unforgiving. They wouldnt be concerned about an on/off switch!

I bought this impact wrench five years ago along with a set of deep impact sockets ($19) and it still works great!
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Default Re: HArbour Freight Angle Grinder

I have that same impact gun and I have to say that it works better than any of my pneumatic guns. That thing is amazing for the price!

Dale H.
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Default Re: HArbour Freight Angle Grinder

I bought mine to deal with the eight lug nuts per wheel of A Ford F2 50 diesel pick up truck I bought. It made short work of changing wheels.
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