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Default I Beat A Parking Ticket, Part 2

Ok I got a problem and I would like your input, if you know about these things.


I bought a car for my son. His car has 200k miles on it. This car was 100k. He has been out of work a year and needs a good car to get to his new job.

Found out the car needs a head gasket. Put the car up on ramps so i could more easily work on it.

Car sits there oh 2, 3 weeks.

Day after I got the car it was ticketed for parking on the street no permit.

The registration and plates I transfered from a legally stickered to park car.

Went down to the police station the day of the ticket. It was explained to me I didnt need a new sticker. Because I transfered the plates etc the old one was still good. They made a note.

When I went to court to see about the parking ticket, three weeks later, I used that argument to say "not guilty"

They checked the records and agreed with me. I walked out $20 richer.

Here is where it gets interesting.

The day AFTER the not guilty verdict an officer (I dont know his name nor that he wrote the origional ticket....) knocks on my door. Im in bed asleep with a cold, dont hear the knock. Front door is locked. Officer walks around to the side door which isnt. Comes into my house. Yellls POLICE!

THAT wakes me up.

Officer tells me get the car off the ramp. (its been on a ramp for 3 weeks) The man has every indication of being a looney toon. This is one scary dude.

I did.

If he never comes back....great.

If he does what should I do. I believe he's interfering in a decision rendered by a court. I believe he's guilty of harassment. I believe he's guilty of tresspass.

Is he?

Can any of that stick?

Or no?

What do YOU think? And why.


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Default Re: I Beat A PArking Tocket, Part 2

Lodge a complaint with the department. He should not have entered your premises without your permission or a warrant.

I once lodged a complaint with the CHP after I was pulled over and chewed out with a condecending attitude (from an officer half my age) for "leaning my bike over too far in a corner". This is not a vehicle code violation and I was not exceeding the speed limit on either the street I left or entered. No ticket was written as there was no violation. I got a nice apology from the department indicating that the officer would be "corrected".
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Default Re: I Beat A PArking Tocket, Part 2

Right. I am familiar with the attitude. It was pretty scary to be singled out for somebodys personnal attention like that.
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