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Default Accident and replacement

I didn't share this with anyone here, but after a couple weeks, thought I would.

Since May of 2004 I've been driving (and abusing) my 2004 4Runner. The thing ran like a champ. I never had problems that weren't expected, it never let me down. Every 5K miles, I spent an entire day in the garage with it, going over everything, making sure she was running well, and fixing whatever needed to be fixed - which was very little. Compression and leak down tests were the same at 220K (the last time I tested it) as it was at 30K (the first time I tested). Mileage changed very little or not at all over the last 13 years.

On 21 Sept 17, @ about 6:15PM, less than 2 miles from the house, a young girl (16, black car in the pics), new driver, very distracted (I didn't go in on her to find out why), blew through a red light at about 45 and slammed into the passenger front corner of the truck. I saw "something" out of the corner of my eye that didn't feel right, and was hard on the brakes, ABS doing its job, when we impacted. That's possibly why that front corner was hurt as bad as it was. Front wheel was pushed back into the firewall, suspension destroyed, front axle half-shaft broken, fluids leaking.

After the impacts, we slid to a stop, over the median, and impacted a third car (the red one), I took out the traffic sign, which bounced and put a small dent in the bottom of the passenger door, drivers side of the red pickup. That guy (in the red shirt) was an ass. Acting like she hurt his truck on purpose. I just wanted to slap him. That's why we call them "accidents". I'm sure she didn't do this on purpose - which he apparently thought she did.

She (the truck) gave up everything to save me. Two impacts with the car (front corner, then the backs slammed together) and the side airbags went off. The body was hit hard enough to tweak it and break the windshield. All the interior cubby's popped open and a couple even won't close properly. Based on damage at the scene, I determined it was a write-off - the insurance company agrees.

I managed 263,727 miles without incident, which is pretty darned good, I think. I was going for 500K - and it would have done it, too.

I miss my truck. And don't give me any crap about it being an SUV, either. It's the same drive train and frame as the Tacoma, which I think most would agree is actually a truck. Mine just has a full-time solid shell built in.

Personally, my damage is a bunch of bruises internally on my left wrist, and a small one on my lower right leg. That's it, but the wrist is really bugging me. I can't even lift a coffee cup. I can pull straight up on most things (like carry bags from stores), so it's the angle at which I pick things up my wrist won't take. I'll heal in time - I hope.

I searched and searched for a similar replacement. Seems like every time a replacement popped up, it was gone within a few hours. Every one I checked came back as sold - which is frustrating. After searching, and being frustrated, and needing another vehicle, I finally went to the dealer, gave them my exact requirements, and bought a new 4Runner. It's the same model, with the same factory options as the old one, plus all the new tech inside - which I don't really care about, but I am enjoying.

I'm ready for another 500K miles. Or another distracted driver. Whichever comes first. I'm hoping it's the 500K mark. That's 2 accidents (for those that remember) here in San Antonio in the last few years, and I don't care to have any more.

So, Red, next time I roll up, you won't see the same old truck. I now have a (more or less) exact replacement that's 13 years newer.
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