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Default Re: Question about volume level

Originally Posted by PaulRB View Post
Hearing is not something I joke about nor find funny.

Certainly there is nothing funny about losing your hearing. But there are opportunities for humor:

A couple years ago my wife went to the doctor because she felt as though she was not hearing as well as she ought to. After the exam the doctor told her there is nothing wrong with her hearing, she just needs to pay attention. Turns out I have been exactly right for over 30 years.

The more serious issues are that I have had tinnitus since forever, and I am definitely no longer able to separate and isolate sounds from a loud mixed environment as once I could. If there are three people talking at once I can't follow any of them any longer, where I used to be able to tune out two and listen to the third. Background babble and clutter now intrude in a way they never did before, and overwhelm my ability to isolate, focus on, parse and decipher an individual signal.
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