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Default Re: Finally mounted my Cell phone to my ST.

To each their own (unless it is against the law).

I have never had a problem concentrating on my riding while listening to music.

GPS's and cell phones and such can be a distraction for some and, therefore, are regulated somewhat. Cell phones should be hands free. GPS's should be mounted up high so you do not have to take your eyes off the road. In my opinion, mounting them down inside your handlebars is NOT high enough. Get a dash shelf. Heck, I don't even like to look down at my speedo. I use the GPS's speed display. It's more accurate anyway.

I used my cell phone during the 2001 Iron Butt Rally but, mostly only for receiving calls while I was riding. I had a couple people on speed dial where I could push one button to call them.

It was mounted on my tank bag within easy reach of my left hand and I didn't have to look down at it. I could feel the buttons.

I don't use my cell phone on the bike now as it is a touch screen and I would have to look at it to operate it. Besides, I don't have my mic hooked up anymore for it. I also used to use a CB but, I don't do that anymore either. Not because I couldn't, I just don't have one anymore.

Now, if people don't use their common sense or know their own limitations, then bad things can happen.

BTW, that is not the most common accident. It is the most common "single vehicle" accident.

The most common overall accident (the last I heard) was a vehicle violating your right of way and turning left in front of you at an intersection.

Just a nit and not really pertinent to this discussion... Just saying.

Originally Posted by echo View Post
The most common accident is going to fast around corners which is really a beginners problem.
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Default Re: Finally mounted my Cell phone to my ST.

The truth of this discussion is that distracted driving is rapidly becoming more fatal to motorists than drunk, impaired driving.

Law makers are looking into demerit point systems and larger fines, it won't be soon enough for me.

I was hit a few year ago by a woman driving a large SUV talking on her cell phone and sailing through a red light.

If I had been on my ST rather than in the cage it would have been much worse.

We should be vigilant to ensure that same distraction does not include us as the very vulnerable riders that we are while on 2 wheels.

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