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Default Rules of the road/Code of Conduct

The rules here are simple:
  • Be civil to each other.
  • No SPAMMER's allowed.
  • No Vendor's allowed to post their advertizements outside of the "Vendors Advertizement" sub-forum.
  • Avoid arguments about religion, sex, politics, and be civil to each other.
Besides observing all these common rules for internet forum harmony, here are some specific rules for our forum:
  1. Screen names are ok for your login but, Real names are required in your signatures and sig-lines are required for all persons registered and posting on this forum. No Handles or screen name in the signature!

    The use of real names is traditional on the old ST liST and it helps to keep things civil. It also helps us more easily recognize each other at rallies. If you post using a handle, I will PM you requesting you comply with this rule and rule #2, below.

    If you do not comply, your posts will be removed and your posting privileges will be suspended pending compliance.
  2. Falsifying your identity on this forum is a violation of the our rules and will result in the Admin either changing your profile to reflect your real identity or, in your removal and banning from this forum.
  3. STOC membership, although not required, is greatly encouraged after you buy your Honda ST. Once you have joined STOC, it is good form to include your STOC number in your profile in not your signature. See the FAQ's if you do not know how to join STOC or get a STOC number.
  4. The Head Administrator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban any member at any time for forum rules violations or for onlist or offlist conduct deemed not conducive to forum or STOC harmony.

    The Head Administrator will be the sole judge of what constitutes such conduct and will consider such conduct on a case by case basis. Violators will normally give warnings in advance of such action, unless the conduct is deemed egregious enough to warrant immediate suspension.
  5. Use of the forums or the personal message (PM) facility here to harass or threaten any other member is forbidden. No personal attacks on other forum members will be tolerated at any time.

    Please report any harassing or threatening behavior immediately to the the any administrator or moderator and we will handle it from there.
  6. Posting content: This forum is for adults. Members should take this into account when allowing children and sensitive persons to read these forums. Clever exchanges and repartee’ are valued, and welcomed, as long as they don’t violate the other rules.
  7. Please post in the appropriate forum. If you’re posting off-topic material, put it in the off-topic forum. The forum descriptions pretty well lay out what should be posted in them. The administrators reserve the right to move any topic they feel is posted in the wrong forum or to merge what he considers to be duplicate, concurrent threads.

    As long as it doesn’t violate other rules, most anything can be posted, with several exceptions: a) No pornography b) No discussions about religion. c) No discussions about abortion. d) No discussions about politics.

    These subjects are off-limits, and topics that degenerate into these discussions will be removed or locked. Other topics may be locked if they degenerate into two or three-person pissing matches. We invite you to take such discussions offline.
  8. Newbies to the ST1100 and ST1300 are always welcome. Please feel free to ask the forum any questions concerning the many topics covered here. There is a search facility available plus a robust FAQ and an Archive of Wisdom.

    However, newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and learn. It is against the rules here to denigrate any newbie or tell any newbie to use the search facility rather than answering their question outright or referring them to an existing thread that answers the question.

    If you have any other questions or comments, please PM one of the administrators or moderators.
Have fun and enjoy the forum,

Joe Zulaski
Forum Owner and Head Administrator
Joe Zulaski
Redmond, WA
MSF RiderCoach
STOC# 929, IBA# 218

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