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Long Distance Riding Iron Butt or Endurance rides.

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Default Republic of Texas 1000

I completed the ROT1000 at 3:43am on Saturday the 2nd. Started it at 5:45am on the 1st..... Long Day 1091 miles in 22 hours (1069mi officially)

This was not my first IBA ride but it was my first Rally type LD ride. We were blessed with great weather and the time we were in the Gulf Coast area, we saw some incredible views. This was also the first time I have done an LD ride with other riders (7 of us). We managed to stay together and all finish together. I had not had any interest in doing another IBA ride but this one peaked my interest. A freind was a finisher in this years IBR and this was an oppurtunity to get a small taste of a "Day in the Life" of an IBR participant. I had great respect for those crazies already and this ride did nothing to change that. The thought of getting a few hours of sleep and jumping back on the scooter for another 1K day looking for obscure places did not appeal to me.

I had about 100 miles of seat time on the ST before I took this ride. I really liked the bike before.... after the Rally.... I will protect it with my life. What an outstanding Scooter. Love it!!!! Averaged 37.5 mpg with a Vstream Sheild set pretty tall. It likes 75mph but seems to like 85mph even more

The picture is me and Michael Kneebone (Prez of the IBA). I'm the totaly bald guy, Michael is the guy who looks like Jerry Garcia would have looked without all the drugs and a good amount of the ice cream... Got a chance to chat with Mike a bit that evening. Good guy and pretty funny. Ron Ayers was also in attendance and spoke a bit at the Banquet.

All in all, I'm glad I did it. This is definitley my last LD ride. I was trully uncomfortable rocketing down a pitch black FM road, just knowing in my heart that Bambi was lurking in the darkness waiting for me to come by. Two riders in this event had unfortuate interactions with Forest Rats. Both will heal up but it ended their evening of riding. Daylight riding for me, whiskey, cigar and sleep after dark....
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Default Re: Republic of Texas 1000

Good story, and congrats on another SS1000.
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