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Riding Pants Do you wear pants when you ride? Which ones and why?

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Default TourMaster Venture Air Pants, poor QC

Message 1 of 4 in Discussion From: sam (Original Message)Sent: 9/13/2008 7:53 AMBeware of Cortech Venture Air mesh pants. I bought a pair and within a week the belt loops tore out. New replaced them at no cost to me and the new pair, straight out of the box had a torn belt loop. Clearly TourMaster/ Cortech quality is not what it used to be. See photo here.

Sam, no longer a Tour Master fan :-(

Message 2 of 4 in Discussion From: burt8810Sent: 9/14/2008 5:32 AMI have never purchased anything from newenough but aren't they a discount closeout type of operation? Maybe they got them for a good price but there was a reson for it. Maybe it's the vendor and not the manufacturer? As I said I have no experience with newenough, just a thought.
Herb '03ST

Message 3 of 4 in Discussion From: samSent: 9/15/2008 2:37 AMHerb, could be but I've always had good luck with them before.
Message 4 of 4 in Discussion From: Elkman571Sent: 9/15/2008 8:55 AMNewenough has incredible deals sometimes, but I think you DO have to be a little careful. I bought an hjc ac-12, which sells anywhere from 250-425 at dealers , for 80. This helmet has 3 "HJC" decals on it, but one of hte three -- the one on the forehead -- was not under the clearcoat. So I just peeled it off and in fact I like the helmet better with less advertising. Otherwise the helmet is perfect. My wife and I have each bought jackets there at ridiculously low prices, and they were absolutely perfect. And customer service at newenough for me has always been great.
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