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Default Re: Harvey, Texas and me....

Glad you were on higher ground.

Originally Posted by Mick View Post
The aftermath... the cleanup begins.

Picture taken in a lower elevation section of my community here in Houston. House after house along entire blocks were totally trashed. Soggy rugs, flooring, drywall, furniture, clothes, etc., all worthless now and put to the curb.

It was very difficult driving down some of these streets because of all the recovery service vehicles, and private pickup trucks parked on both sides of the roads.

When I say that I was extremely lucky to have not taken on any water, it's a huge understatement.

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Default Re: Harvey, Texas and me....

Once water invades, you're pretty much done. Drywall, out. Carpet, out. Anything sitting on the floor, out. Normally, you can treat the studs that are supporting your roof, and keep that. If you're very unlucky, it all has to be ripped down and replaced. The water that tends to get dropped on houses isn't really what you'd call clean, and mold grows very, very rapidly - especially here where it's hot, and can tend towards the humid side of it.

Been there, done that. I'm really feeling for those that are out of a house right now. It may be a while before they're back in them with any degree of safety.
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Default Re: Harvey, Texas and me....

Once the drywall and insulation are ripped out, IF multiple dehumidifiers are used it can take about 45 days for the studs and outside wall boarding to dry enough to begin reinsulating and installing drywall. Houston's humidity is high, wood does not dry out in a hurry there. Rebuilding before the wood is properly dry is inviting mold to grow and re-destroy your home.

Since the drywall is usually cut at some level above the flood height some creativity is required. I would leave one working toilet and I used cardboard boxes and 1/4 inch plywood to "black in" that bathroom in each home I worked in last year. I left a 1 inch gap top and bottom to allow air flow. A sheet was often used as a door.
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