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Default Fuel pump not turning on. F1 light not coming on

Problem is fuel pump not turning on. Full disclose. Leading up to the problem.

Dropped the bike on Saturday morning. Started right up and got some gas. Ran fine for over 100 miles and several starts and stops that day no problems. Sunday morning bike starts right up, go 1/10th of a mile for gas. Turn it off, get gas turn it on, turn around in the parking lot for a photo op at Hemmings in VT. Go to start it, F1 light stays out and fuel pump doesn't start up. Checked the fuses, wiggled wire bundles nothing.

Found a thread online that said to disconnect the battery for a bit. About 10 minutes, boom, starts right up? Runs fine up and over Molly Stark highway (rt9). Stopped at Hogback but left bike running. Pulling into Brattleboro and it starts to stall but while I'm still moving it starts again. That happened several more times randomly. Stopped 50ish miles later, bike turns off won't start. Disconnect battery again and wait 10 minutes. Starts right up. Stalls again several times on highway but moving it starts right up again. After 150 miles I make it home, turn it off open garage starts right up and drive it in.

Anybody experience similar and is there any checking or parts replacement before taking into a shop scratching me head?

I now remember some other problem. With the key removed the ignition lights and running lights were still on. The headlight wasn't on just the signal lights and the small lights next to the headlights.

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