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Default Which custom fitted seat is best?

Note that I did not say, "aftermarket seat". There is a huge difference between an aftermarket seat and a "custom fitted" seat. There are many aftermarket seats like Corbin, Mustang, etc. but, those are all one-size fits all riders.

A custom fitted seat is just what is sounds like, it is custom fitted to the rider using measurements of the riders size, seating posture, knee angle, hip angle, weight, etc. I am only going to talk about the 4 top main custom seat makers (I am not including Spencer Custom seats as, although he does do some custom fitting to the rider, he does NOT do ride-in appointments nor have I tried a Spencer modified seat so, I cannot comment or rate it). I believe that ride-in appointments are very important but, not absolutely required.

In addition to the seat, it is very important to pay attention to what you wear. A little seam on your shorts or underwear in the wrong place can really create huge comfort issues over a long distance. Also, moisture from sweat can cause what is known as "Monkey Butt" - a highly feared and painful condition for the long distance rider.

We used to use Gold Bond Medicated powder to numb our painful behinds and try to help heal them during a ride, however; that is no longer needed now with the introduction of a group of products from LDComfort ( The combination of a pair of LDComfort shorts or tights can make a huge difference no matter what seat you choose to use. This is due to its design and the material it is made from. First, there are no seams in the area you sit to cause discomfort. Second, the material it is made from, "Dryline", is a combination of polyester and nylon cleverly woven together into two layers - one, the inside, wicks moisture quickly away from your skin and keeps it away. The second outside layer is the layer that sucks the moisture up. This combination totally eliminates "monkey butt".

If I were to rank them as they pertain to comfort over long distances without LDComfort products, I would order them thusly:

Custom built seats:
#1. Russell Day-Long (1000 miles or more)
#2. Rich's Custom Seats (500 miler)
#3. Bill "Rocky" Mayer (500 miler)
#3. Rick Mayer Cycles (500 miler)

If I were to rank them according to comfort over long distances if you were wearing LDComfort shorts or tights, here is the order I would list them:

Custom built seats:
#1. Russell Day-Long (1000+ miles)
#1. Rich's Custom Seats (1000+ miler)
#2. Bill "Rocky" Mayer (1000+ miler
#2. Rick Mayer Cycles (1000+ miler)

If I were to rank them according to how they look, I would do it thusly:

Custom built seats:
#1. Rich's Custom Seats
#2. Rick Mayer Cycles
#2. Bill "Rocky" Mayer
#3. Russell Day-Long

I feel that Rich O'Conner (Rich's Custom Seats) is an artist when it comes to building a good looking seat.

Of course, this is just my opinion but I have ridden on all of them for at least 100 miles if not 1000.

Joe Zulaski
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