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Default Airhawk seat cushions

Just wonder if anyone is using these and what they think of them. Is this a decent alternative to buy a custom seat?

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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

I tried one and it did nothing. Although that was for a serious medical condition, not just discomfort.

I THINK I still have it if you want it for cheap.

Although it might be cosmetically challanged.

I very much doubt if anyone thinks these are a serious replacemnt for a custom seat.
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

These things are fairly popular on the FJR forum, for most people yes they work. They are not the equivalent of a true custom seat, but they do help. What I have read is that the inflation level is the critical point. They say that you use less air than you would think. Less than 1/2 inch of thickness while you are sitting on it is enough.
For the money (In my opinion) it is a fairly expensive patch. As a temporary fix it might be fine but if you are uncomfortable, spend the $$ on a better seat.
On the other hand, if you do buy it, please post a very detailed report here. If you like it we may all benefit from your $$$ spending...
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

FYI: For the money, you might want to give one of these a try first:

That being said, I currently own one of these, and I owned a Russell seat when I had the ST. I would take the Russell seat any day of the week and twice on Sunday, but I found this gel seat cushion to be as good or better for me than the air hawk. If you want something that doesn't squirm as much, I would go with one of these:

I used the sheepy hollow on my trip from Alabama out to California and back on a stock seat. I liked it very much. Disclaimer: Don't let it get wet, unless you want to ride with a wet butt all day.

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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

+1 on the sheep skin cover.
My wife has done a 4000 mile ride and a 2500 mile ride with our sheep skin cover.
I can take it or leave it. For long rides, it makes a difference, for short rides, I like the feel of the stock seat. I guess it really depends on your girth.
We found a store that sells sheep skins while we where in Santa Fe and sewed on 3 elastics on it. 2 on the front and one elastic to tuck under the rear seat.
Best $99 bucks I have spent on keeping the wife riding with me.
As for a custom seat, I would like to try one first before purchasing one. I see people selling them after they have purchased a new or used one. I guess it wasn't really what they were after in the long run. As for making a perfect seat, I think they would have to take an impression of your butt similuar to taking an impression of your foot for in-soles. Also your weight is a big factor on selecting the types of foams and gels they use.
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

I've been using the Airhawk for 2 years, and I like it. Will it replace a custom seat, No. Will it be more comfortable than a stock seat, Yes. Most that have tried them used them incorrectly. Over-inflation is the biggest problem, a little air goes a long way.

I've done a couple of 900+ mile days on it and can say without a doubt it helped. Don't get me wrong, I still got sore but it was tolerable. I traveled with a friend on a Goldwing so fuel stops were done at about 200-220 miles. By the time we got to the 3rd tank to tank fuel stop, I was kind of looking forward to stopping. I found out amazingly enough that the hard wooden bench at Mickey D's felt rather nice and comfortable after 600+ miles.

I bought my Aithawk 2 years ago off Ebay, I'll have to look for the receipt to see what I paid for it. I do know I paid a lot less than the new price.
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

When the foam broke down on my stock Buell seat I bought one of those gel pads, it was terrible. I sat high on it and it squirmed around. Then I bought one of those fake sheepskin pads and it helped.

One day they had a sale on their 'custom' seat so I picked one of them up. After using it for awhile I realized I preferred the contour of the original seat. To fix the problem with the dead foam I took the gel insert out of the cover, pulled back the seat cover and cut out enough of the foam to fit.

It worked great, the gel modified seat was comfortable and didn't squirm around. All was good until... I rode to work. Leaving work after the bike sat in the sun all day, I plopped on that gel pad, and I thought there was a hot plate under my butt. That gell had absorbed heat like you wouldn't believe. I think I stood on my pegs for the 1/2 hr. ride home.

Fast forward to the ST. I tried the sheepskin and that helped. Finally breaking down it was time to try the Airhawk and it worked quite well. The trick is to only have enough air in it to take the buzz out.

I have since bought a Baldwin saddle but haven't had enough time to try it on a trip.
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

I purchased an Airhawk after back surgery. It won't make up for crap suspension on a Harley. I sold it to a guy with a Silverwing and he loves it. My VStrom is another bike with a terrible factory seat. I purchased a Sargent seat. Probably the best looking worst riding seat I ever had. The thing was rock hard, but looked great. I now have a Russel on the strom and absolutly love it. Purchased my ST used and it has a Corbin dual canyon. I hate it and can't figure out how Corbin stays in business. I have bought 3 used bikes now with Corbin seats. All were low milage bikes for thier years. Nobody will admit it but I think they would rather stay home than deal with a granite hard seat that puts their privates to sleep while setting their butt on fire. Problem is my wife loves the thing. Will be sending it to Russel over the winter. My advice to you is try to ride a bike with the type of seat or cushion that you are curious about. Nothing beats an hour in the saddle. All have good and bad, only butt time will tell.
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

My experience; and that's all it is...

Gel pads SOAK up heat when left in the sun. And give it back freely when you plant your backside on top of it. I won't use one ever again.

I got my sheepskin from Alaska Leather (~$90). I LOVE it; seldom ride without it.
And another reason to not get it wet; it smells like a sheep when it is wet!

On my cruiser I use a wooden bead mat from Whitehorse Gear (~$25).
Especially nice in the summer; letting some air get underneath my broad butt.
Besides, five million cabbies can't be wrong... ;-)

I've always been TOO CHEAP to go with the Airhawk...
A friend just got one and sings it's praises regularly.
If you can get one "for cheap" it might be well worth it.
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Default Re: Airhawk seat cushions

Until recently I used a Spencerized saddle and added an Airhawk, and Alaska Sheepskin on longer rides. This combo worked pretty well (300 mile setup) but as others have said it aint no substitute for a Russell (some say its a 1000 mile/day saddle. I can testify its good for at least 500 miles/day). The Airhawk is a good product and worth the money. Best if used in combination with a sheepskin and as others have said do not over inflate. Easy to dial in the inflation by first over inflating so you know how it feals, let half the air out and try it again and repeat until you find what works best for you. Most find just a little inflation works best (approx 1/2 inch). Invest your money in a Russell up front If you can afford it or you may wind up doing as I did and spend all that money on a Airhawk and sheepskin (about half the cost of a driver only Russell in vinyl) only to purchase a Russell down the road.
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