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Default Fuel problem

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); line-height: 120%; }p.western { font-family: "Liberation Serif","Times New Roman",serif; font-size: 12pt; }p.cjk { font-family: "Noto Sans CJK SC Regular"; font-size: 12pt; }p.ctl { font-family: "FreeSans"; font-size: 12pt; } Hi,

I have a little problem … but long story.

I have a 2008 ST1300 bought new … and last year I turned 100, 000 miles at the end of the riding season … and had to store the bike a little earlier than expected.

Had no problem whatsoever, till this riding season.

At first, I had an uneasy feeling … at times, cruising in 5th gear, without stressing the engine, I had a feeling of ‘softness’ in power delivery … ever so slight, I thought that it could be my imagination or just the road condition that was affecting the ride … in those cases, I usually kept a steady hand on the throttle.

Other than that, nothing special … I always had plenty of power on tap without the slightess hesitation.

Then one day, at a roadside stop, with very soft ground/dirt, as I was slowly making a turn, legs straddling the bike, it got away from me … touched the front brake … sudden stop … engine stalled … front wheel dug in 4 to 6 inches … almost dropped the bike.

Started the bike … no problem … slowly crept to the roadside … got on the road and slowly started to accelerate, going through the gears. As I got to 60 mph and in 5th gear, the engine felt like it was going to stall … turned the throttle … more or less OK. Had to go down to 4th gear, and keep over 70 mph to keep a steady ride. Fortunately, isolated road through the woods, no traffic, no cop, plenty of curves … would have been a fantastic ride were it not for fear of stalling.

Got to a small village about 10 miles away … slowed down … no problem … got into a service station parking lot … moved around in 1st gear, low rpm … OK … decide to ride across town and come back to parking lot … about 2 miles … everything OK.

Decided to risk a ride home … isolated area, no cell reception … everything went fine. Once in a while, the usual ‘softness, but nothing special.

Got home OK … next few days took a few short rides … no problem … figured I got some dirt in the fuel system.

Took a few long rides, putting in over 2 – 3000 miles … everything OK, except for the usual softness once in a while.

Then, one day as I was getting close to home … low on gas … low light came on … usually good for 50 – 60 miles … figured no problem … about 20 miles to home.

At an intersection, slowed down for the red light … engine started jerking as though I was openind the throttle hard while braking … engine stalled … started … had to keep revs high so as not to stall and struggled to the gas station just across the intersection. Filled her up, went home without a trace of problem.

Rode another 2 – 3000 miles … no problem.

Then one day as I rode across a small village during a western festival, about 1 – 2 miles, stop and go through heavy trafic … no problem … outside of town, statrted to accelerate, all hell broke loose … very violent jerking … bike stalled … waited a while, tried to move again, nothing doing. Called a tow, and got home.

Decided I had enough … decide to chance a 45 mile ride to the dealer … everything went fine.

They checked the bike, said the only thing not up to par was one spark plug a bit loose … tightened all plugs to spec … rode the bike … claimed everything was fine.

Rode the bike home … everything was OK. They told me that the loose spark plug could explain my problem but would not confirm 100%.

Getting wary … decided to just ride around home.

One day, decided to ride the national park in my backyard … about 100 miles … mostly 3rd and 4th gear as plenty of curves … everyting OK. Going through town , approaching a red light, extremely rough jerking … bike stalled … very hard to move to close by parking lot.

Not knowing what to do, noticed that after the bike cooled down a bit, could ride for a while. Waited 10 minutes … started the bike and rode for about 5 miles … when it started acting up, moved to the side and stopped. 10 minutes later, rode another 5 miles home.

Later, bike had no problem starting up in below freezing weather … idling smootly … no problem, but I had enough. Decide to store the bike for winter.

This is where I now stand … based on discussions … my comments were :

– doesn’t feel like it is a gas filter problem … when bike OK, no problem riding hard … 70 to 80 mph … nor idling.

- doesn’t feel like it is a pump mechanical problem.

- when bike cools down, problem seems to disappear for a while … spark plug, pump elecrical problem, electrical wiring problem? Seems to be heat related.

Any clues?

I am not sure replacing pump would solve anything!

Any info would be welcome.

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