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Default Check those O-rings each tire change

This is a subject I replied to on ST-O and thought it important enough to post it over here for the benefit of those who don't frequent the other site. It is about the care and feeding of your rear wheel O-rings. They are there to keep the moly-60 in doing their job of lubricating the drive splines. Without the moly-60 in place, bad and very expen$ive things can happen to your final drive.

Here's a picture off the web of an ST1100 drive spline showing what can happen if the moly goes bye-bye and you don't discover it in time. A little more wear and there would have been total failure.

My Reply:

I had an ST1100 O-ring go south on me during a long distance trip once. I had put all new rings in before I left and when I got back I found during a tire change that one had failed. The only thing I could figure was that the failed O-ring got nicked when I put the rear wheel back on (I'm now very careful when reinstalling the rear wheel). It caused enough accelerated wear to the splines that I could see it on the splined shaft. The drive splines weren't ruined by any means but the little bit of wear that occurred caused a noticeable bit of drive line lash. Luckily for me the drive play was still within specs.

If I had not had to change the ST1100's tire immediately after that trip, I would never have known there was a problem and I might have wound up with a trashed final drive.

Out of caution, I now replace the O-rings every other tire change. This is a practice that was stressed by the ST1100 gurus on the old ST email list, some of whom replaced them at every tire change. Those O-rings are pretty inexpensive so I figure it's cheap insurance.

For those who don't know exactly where the two O-rings are located on the ST1300 (the ST1100 has three), here are a couple of pics I took of my wheel (clean & without all the moly) the last time I changed my ST1300's O-rings:

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Default Re: Check those O-rings each tire change

Excellent and timely.
The purpose of the o-rings is to keep the Moly where it belongs.
It does little good if it covers the flange, and rear wheel, if there is little to none left on the spline.
We hear "liberally applied" all to often when in comes to Moly. It not the amount than protects it's proper application in the proper place.

Honda recommend amounts.
Inside the flange 3 grams.
On the Splines 5 grams.
How much is a gram?
1 gram equals less than a 1/4 teaspoon .21.
2 gram .42 less than half a teaspoon.
3 gram .63.
4 gram .84.
5 gram equals 1.05 teaspoon.
These are not heaping teaspoons they would be leveled off at the spoon.

As you can see not a lot is used anywhere it is used.
You should never see Moly on the wheel or the bottom the the drive, there is a drain there for water/over abundance of Moly.

How to put it on.
Get a small brush, one of the few items Harbor Freight has that actually works well. $2.99 for 36 of them.
Get the Moly out of that useless tube and into a tub.
Tub? Buy a small can of peanuts. Retain the cover, wipe the tub and put the Moly in the tub. You can now get it out of the tub without getting it all over everything withing a ten yard radius of the bike. It stains.
Keep your brush in a old pill bottle, ask the Pharmacist at China Mart for a tall pill bottle if you don't have one on hand.
Apply sparingly to the proper area.

The proper area? Check the photo.

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