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Default Re: Time for New Tires

Originally Posted by tnrider View Post
Paul mine came with the Bridgestone 020's. I like the smooth way they ride but I've been reading about the BT-023-GT's. Do you have any knowledge of these. The claim is they last longer then the 021's but I don't know how that compares to the 020's.
I'm not sure we ever really get to the bottom of these type tyre questions, there are so many variations, Me for example, I do a fair bit of riding from England to Scotland, now when you get to the Highlands the roads are made of sharper gravel and it eats tyres, so even for myself I'd have to consider where I'd ridden as much to answer your question, the variations of riding in the states must be much bigger too. The only thing I can say having done around 2k miles on my 023's is they feel great, smooth and secure with little sign of wear, that said nearly every tyre I have ever ridden on new is the same. The exception to this is cheap hard tyres, if you think they are going to be rubbish it never leaves your mind.
This thread keeps popping up, I will add a bit more when the mileage has gone up.
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Default Re: Time for New Tires

I have about 3k on the 023 GTs and the are really nice. They feel slightly more secure in tight cornering.. and less lateral movement. They are wearing nicely with minimal squaring off on the back tire and absolutely no cupping on the front.
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