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Default Re: Yamaha enters Harley Turf - There be Wales here

Most of the above information/speculation is untrue. Harleys come from the factory running lean. If you are behind one and it smells "rich", it's probably because they've changed the pipes and/or intake setup which required dyno tuning. This takes it away from the factory lean setup. Harleys idle just fine - mine does. I think the throttle "blipping" just comes from habit and enjoyment of the sound coming from the single-pin crank engine.

I loved my ST1300 for ten years, but I went back to Harley because I just enjoy riding the Ultra Classic. I love the sound, the feel, the "non-snatchy" throttle and it handles just fine. It just doesn't have the lean angle that the ST has.

To each his own. I just like riding and I really enjoy riding the Harley! Mine is stock and it has bluetooth, 25 watts per channel stereo, USB port built in, ABS, linked brakes, air adjustable suspension, cruise control, gear indicator, LED headlight and spotlights, throttle-by-wire, six speed tranny, gas tank range is about 260 miles, I'm getting the same mpg that I got with the ST ... etc. Oh, and the factory seat is super comfortable.

I'm just thankful that I have a bike to ride ... and I'm lucky mine's a Harley!


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