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Default Re: Anyone want to take over the forum?

OK, well, the good news is I can do a convert from vBulletin to SimpleMachines.

I do have SimpleMachines running (again) in a separate server and schema on the same machine. They both appear operate as they're supposed to.

The bad news is I (apparently) have to have both SMF and VB running on the same box to perform the conversion.

Joe, the backup doesn't have the schema information in it. I don't know how you'd do that in VB. In SMF, there are a couple checkboxes. It does read the file down to line 29, but it errors there. I attempted to get VB 3.7.2, but I can't download it without a valid license.

Can you also check and verify that you're running as UTF-8? If not that character set, I'll need to know which one you're using for the import/convert to work.

I suppose I could log in as admin and do it myself, but I wouldn't even attempt something like that without your prior knowledge, and permission.
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