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Originally Posted by bowtie39 View Post
Probably agree about the FJR rising....however, in my neck of the woods anyway, the main platform I see rising is the adventure bikes. Going to RTE's and looking in the parking lot almost everyone is on some brand of a adventure bike. Sometimes I'm the only touring style bike there. Maybe a craze, but everyone I talk to about them are convinced adventure bikes are more comfortable and are now being loaded up with all the bells and whistles these sport touring bikes have. And they are usually quite a bit lighter which I'm always reminded of by these guys! Make me think twice
Never underestimate the powerful effect of fashion.

When mountain bikes first caught on they dominated the marketplace big-time. It was nearly impossible to find decent road bikes and touring bikes... well, who'd want one of those?

Twenty years later the pendulum has swung back the other way. Everyone who thought mountain bikes were more comfortable got tired of flogging them into the wind and beating themselves to death riding knobby dirt tires on the road, and of constantly getting passed and dropped by those who had stuck with their road bikes. So now they are back to buying road bikes.

But it's still: touring bikes? Who'd want one of those?
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