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Default Re: Question for you UK riders and anyone else that has a legitimate idea

It's actually just one n.

If she's not comfortable on a bike here, she definitely won't be over there. Not only will it be completely new roads (and unless they're A roads or motorways, narrower), but such things as the headlights being on the other side of the road (some would say "Correct" side - and I think I agree), turning and maintaining the correct lane, all those things make for a challenging few days to begin with. Do it in the safer cage - at least in the beginning.

By all means look around. I can spend the entire two weeks on the isle - there are a bunch of little nooks to explore if you take some time and look around, including a MC museum (unless it closed - used to be right on the "track"). Interesting tidbit: the track, BTW, has special paint so when you hit the lines you don't lose traction.

Heathrow to the point of departure from England to the IoM, will take you a while. Don't expect to do it in a day, unless you want to be completely knackered at the end of it. Depending on your timeline, plan to stop at the bigger areas along the way and do some visiting on your way up. Then again, I miss England, so I might do it very differently.

Whatever path you choose, have fun! On average, the people are welcoming and enjoy sitting around the local having a chat and asking all kinds of questions. Be friendly, talk about everything you can, and find out about where you are. Every night can be fun if you want it to be.
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