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Default Re: New life in old laptop

Originally Posted by ligito View Post
My experience pales, compared to yours.
I didn't like that Seagate sent me a refurbished drive, to replace the one that died in the first month.
Date codes. They're important. Refurbished are fine, as long as the drive age is the same.

You can download another free little program that will interrogate the drive, and give you it's real stats - what it's actually doing. There are a bunch of things you can look for, like re-writes in the case if a failed verify and bad sector counts. Passmark is a good one, and it's kinda cool. However, you need to know what you're looking at before any panic sets in. There's a bunch of information it tracks, and it's not represented in any "good" or "bad" columns - just information. Sometimes there's a help button that can describe what the different stats are, and what they mean. Other times, Google is your friend.
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