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Default Re: New life in old laptop

HDDs normally last well into 5 years and beyond (the normal warranty up until a couple years ago was, in fact, 5 years). However, it's the operating system - and the amount of crap people load that tends to cause the majority of problems.

I would normally just reload a system to clear it of crap. It does happen - and quite often. It's a well known and established fact that lots of programs will install, incorporate their dynamic link libraries (DLL)'s into the OS, and then never remove them properly. That leads to your system loading a bunch of stuff it doesn't ever need. Mostly, people don't even know it's happening.

I see a lot of well meaning folks who download something "cool" and install it. In and of itself, that's not typically a big problem. But, behind the scenes, that program will install a bunch of other crap - and that's the problem. The main program typically goes away...but the other stuff hangs around. I see it all the time.

The SSD will, however, bring new life to older (and even new) machines because they can be so fast. Enjoy. And keep it clean (and be ready to reload).
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