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Default Re: Bridgestone BT 023

I did not buy the set I am on. I got a call from a large MC tire distributor that knew I rode a ST1300. He asked if it was OK to forward my name to a Bridgestone rep that was looking for a ST1300 rider to test some new tires. I replied in the affirmative. About a month later a Honda dealer in the area called me and said there was a set of 023s with my name and phone number on them and he was calling to set up an appointment to mount them. The tires came with a form to contrast and compare the tires with other tires I was familar with on this bike. When the tires are done the worn tires and the completed forms go back to Bridgestone.

Two Brothers Tire was advertising they had 023s in stock and as of last week customers were receiving shipped tires.
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