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Default Re: Installing Helibar riser, have a question...

So I installed the Helibars...

After the long SMC discussion, that I wisely avoided, I figured I should give an update since so many of you quickly responded with such good info.

I did that install of couple of Fridays back and it went very well. I only dropped one washer, which thankfully lodged behind a hydraulic line. This allowed me to get to it with a long screwdriver and bring it back to reach. Other than that, as simple as you all said it would be. All of the lines were able to be flexed up a bit so I have no play issues.

I rode about 400 miles the next day and came home saying that this was the best $179 I had ever spent. People had been telling me about the bar risers but I had just never taken the bait. What a HUGE difference in the relaxed position now. I thought the ST was comfortable before, nothing like this. When I rode this Sunday, the same feeling hit as I was heading out of my neighborhood...what a comfortable ride.

I am planning another SS1000, possibly next month to visit my son who is stationed in Pensacola. This addition will make the ST an even better ride for what will be a 2,000 mile weekend.

Thanks to the group for all of the help!
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