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Default Re: 2012 ST1300A ABS - Only 1,793 miles

Originally Posted by Guaglio View Post
If I had the cash, I may have headed down; but I'll have to wait till the insurance claim is settled... . That is a beautiful bike though. Good luck with the sale.
In an earlier post I stated that I was going to trade the ST. I was going to trade it in on a new truck, but that would mean that the bike would probably go to the auction and from my experience, it would get abused and or beat-up. I just couldn't let that happen to such a nice bike, so trading it is off the table.

I'm not in a hurry to sell it...just wanted to test the waters.

Guaglio: If you decide to go with another ST, I'd be happy to hold it for you (a small deposit would be required) until you get everything worked out with the Insurance Company. I'd also be willing to store it for you until you're able to make the trip to get it. I have a large shop that's heated & cooled, so it would be safe and secure.

PM me if I can help.

PS - The Mexican food here is fantastic!
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