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Default Re: Anyone want to take over the forum?

You should be able to find almost all of it through the admin panel. Somewhere there should also be a database back-end login, and how to connect, which will tell you what the back-end server (probably MySQL) is.

You should also be able to back everything up in the admin panel. You should be able to get the entire forum, to include posts, pictures, login's, everything. The login's are typically (but not always) encrypted, so they may not integrate into a new installation properly, but they can all be reset after an import is complete.

Honestly, my biggest concern is the articles. Lots of time and energy went into them, and I'd like to save them. If they can be ported over to ST-Riders, then I'm cool with it - I'd just hate to lose it all.

As an aside, I would make it a header site on my existing site, which I host here in the house. Consequently, the costs are minuscule (since I own the hardware, there's no hosting cost, and the URL locator has been mine for a long time, with that ongoing registration cost being about $50/year).
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