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Default Re: Brakes dragging - Possibles causes?

OH! shitt . . . You are verry luky not to be invalid or be already dead by now, my friend . . . did You check if both tires where install with direction arrows turning in the rigth way and not with 32 pouds of air in them

This dealer is one of those huge Big Red Center . Probably the mecanic that worked on your ST has verry fiew experience on motorcycle and may be it was the first time he worked on an ST He migth have been one of those car mecanic that only followed one day or so session of training at the Big Red MC training center . . . wath a mess .

Remember wath You have posted in February . . .

Originally Posted by Dan55 View Post
I will start with the dealer that did the job. They have to fix it because they owe me a job properly done.
The following is directly comming from their site . . . " Nos techniciens hautement qualifiés vous assurent un service professionnel dans des délais des plus raisonnables "

I strongly sugest You ,to have the complete job recheck by nothing else then some certified motorcycle mecanic with ST knowledge . . . the ST is an highly sofistycated machine and any job done on it have to be done with great care . If the left front disc was toutching the caliper ,well, the mecanic did not followed the corect front wheel installation procedure and this is wath he deserve . . .

But, the final decision is up to You . . . You are the one riding this ST

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