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Default Re: Brakes dragging - Possibles causes?

Was away for a couple of days . . . Dan ,Your dealer employ unfit mecanic to work on motorcycle .He needs to be aware of that fact .Just think if the mecanic could not even installed Your front wheel properly . . . whath else important thing could he have forgotten to do corectly

Please report directly to the Owners if possible and give him gently a verry big pile of shitt . . . ask him to have your bike recheck for the job it was in last Fall , by is best mecanic,be shure their is no damage to the disc and tell him that You will not pay a cent to him to do so . If he is whilling to do so , stay customer there . . .

Stupid is the only thing that come to my mind when I see or hear horror storys like that.

This is happenning way too often .Delivering any " vehicule " especially when it have only two wheels , that had major surgery in critical component such has brake , wheel removal , work done in stering and suspention system or and anyother similar components , that could affect the security of the owners or drivers ,whithout running any afterward security check or road test is " irresponsable " .Giving the key of that " vehicule " and have the owners pay the bill is criminal in my opinion Let see what will happen to this customer . . . will he notice anything wrong . . . if he do ,will he come back here and if he come back ,we will have the possibillity to get more cash out of him .Oh may be he will not come back at all ,but whe have plenty more of other customers to screw .

This is the kind of storry ,like that one ,or thing that I saw ,or experienced myself while I was working,has a mecanic ,on various type of " vehicules " ,in my youg time ,that made me quit that field of work after only ten years of work in different type of garage.There is simply too many stupid mecanic doing job unproperly and often whithout even thinking of "what if ",also ,too many crook Dealer and garage Owners that the only interest they have towards their customer is . . . their money .

I am sorry if I hurt anyone feeling with what i just wrothe . . . but if the hat fits him ,it is just to bad for him.

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