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Redfish February 17th, 2016 07:38 AM

A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
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I do not like to post every little ride I take because I think it takes away from the value of this part of the forum. But since it is winter and this one was sort of amusing, I thought you might like it.

Monday the weather was awful. Rain all around me, forecast for more rain. Lots of wind, tornado watch, front moving in, not a good day for a motorcycle ride.

I called Pop. Now Pop is 70 years old and has more sense than I do. He asked, "Have you seen the weather forecast? And you want to ride over 200 miles in this just to go check out a camping spot in a State Park?"

His next line, "Okay, I will be ready when you get here." Gotta love my Dear Old Dad.

When I got to his house the sky was a miserable gray with darker gray clouds skidding rapidly across it. Not a textbook motorcycle day.

Redfish February 17th, 2016 07:43 AM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
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I weaved us on the most remote and least traveled backroads I could find on Google Maps but the rain found us anyway.

Just outside of Amite Louisiana we ducked into an abandoned gas station and put on our rain gear.

Pop opted for a full Tourmaster two piece rainsuit over his armored riding gear. I elected to put my faith in the waterproof claims of my Firstgear Jaunt jacket and my armored Tourmaster riding overpants.

Well protected, we set out in the light rain headed for Bogue Chitto State Park.

Redfish February 17th, 2016 07:51 AM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
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The "point" of all this foolishness was to find a nice camping spot for a short spring break camping trip with the wife and son. In addition to some other dumb things I have done lately, I bought a fifth wheel toy hauler and needed to use it.

So, Pop and I rode around the campground in the state park and took note of what we liked and did not like. Since it was the dead of winter, things are kind of gray and bleak but spring will be here soon enough. We did see a few azaleas blooming a bit early.

It rained lightly the entire time we were there so we kept our helmets on as we studied things. It should be a nice place by early April.

Redfish February 17th, 2016 08:05 AM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
As we exited the park the weather went downhill fast. The front reached us a little quicker than I had anticipated and things got bad. Pop and I are both used to riding in the rain so it was mostly something amusing to chat about as we rode.

When things really got bad I was feeling pretty guilty about dragging my father out in this just because I was too hard headed to drive the truck. Pop was laughing at me, and he was laughing at the situation the entire time. When small hailstones (8 to 10mm diameter) started bouncing off my sleeves and windshield I really felt stupid.

The voice in my Cardo ScalaRider was still laughing. Pop asked me, "Have you noticed that we have not had to lift our hands off the handlebars to wave at another motorcyclist all day? Isn't that refreshing?"

Gotta love Pop.

All of our raingear failed. Miserably. Apparently the water that pools up at the front of the seat in the crotch area WILL soak through. Also, all the waterproof zippers on the vents of my FirstGear Jaunt jacket leaked. Badly. My left Tourmaster boot was full of water. Even our trusty Shoei Neotecs got water inside the visors. That has never happened before.

The only thing that did not leak was my right Tourmaster boot. I think Dad's boots were okay but I forgot to ask.

All of which would have been just mildly amusing since the temps were mild. We started out at 73F and only went down to 60F at the worst. We were at 68F when we got home.

But...The waterproof pocket of my waterproof FirstGear jacket which contained my iPhone6 in its waterproof Lifeproof case... was not. My wallet was still swimming in the right front pocket. My phone had already drowned in the left front pocket. Just in case anyone was wondering, a new iPhone 6S retails for about $650 from AT&T.

ligito February 17th, 2016 10:30 AM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
Sounds like my 2014 ride, the worst rain I'd ever experienced.
The first time I ever had to wring my gloves out.

zldrider February 17th, 2016 04:26 PM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish

I love it!

You've reminded me why I don't ride anymore - too many years of riding in the rain and cold. Cold1

Back in 1997, when I was waiting for my brand new 1998 ST1100 ABS to arrive in December, I was shopping around for all-weather riding gear. Everyone on the LDRider list (IBA riders) told me to get an Aerostich two-piece Roadcrafter riding suit.

Another bunch said to get SIDI Onroad boots.

Still others told me to get Widder heated vest and chaps with heated gloves but, to get the Rider Wearhouse 3-fingered Overgloves for the rain.

I live in WA State and it rains a lot here but, not gully-washers very often. Usually, just drizzle or light rain.

Guess what?

First real gully-washer in another state and I found out just how NOT rain-proof the Aerostich Roadcrafter was.

The SIDI Onroads worked great!

The Rider Wearhouse 3-fingered over gloves worked well until rain flowed down my sleeves and UNDER the gauntlets of the over gloves. The Widder heated gloves proved not to be water proof at all.

And thus, my quest for true rain-proof gear began in earnest.

I finally think I found MY (notice I'm saying "my") solution:

- Alpinestar Drystar jacket.
- Aerostich Darien pants.
- SIDI Onroad riding boots.
- BMW Atlantis all-weather gloves.
- Rider Wearhouse 3-Fingered Gortex over-gloves (for the really bad gully-washers).

Then add whatever heated gear you like. I have both Widder and Gerbing. Widder's been out of business for years now.

But, I'll put those items up against anything as far as weather-proof gear.

ligito February 17th, 2016 05:43 PM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
I think I still have some Widder connectors in my bike stuff.
I never could use mitts, or heavy gloves, they are too cumbersome and cause me to not feel in control (like I ever have been?).
I did, however love my Langlitz handle bar muffs, when I had my 1980 CB 750K.
They had mouton lining and were easy to get in and out of, plus, I could ride with summer gloves in them.
I tried some Widder gloves and they were too bulky, a major glove company (that I forgot) made them for Widder. I now use Gerbing's gloves.

Iamike February 24th, 2016 12:41 PM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
Thanks for the writeup. It's always fun reading about someone else's misery (and fun).

When my son was talking about riding from Iowa to Las Vegas in the middle of October, I did everything I could do to talk him out of it. When it was obvious that he was going no matter what, I told him "I'm in!".
Luckily our ride turned out pretty good.


Paul st1300 February 24th, 2016 02:42 PM

Re: A Ride in the Rain with Redfish
Good memories. Enjoy those times with your dad and pass them on.

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