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Copying pictures from the old forum
1. Login to the old forum with your old account and password. 2. Go to your photo album. 3. Navigate to the picture you want to copy. 4. Right-click on it and select "Save As". 5. Specify a folder location on your computer's C: drive (or wherever you want to save it). 6. Repeat for how many pictures you want to copy. 7. Go to the new forum and logon. 8. Click on your "User CP" menu option (this is your user profile). 9. Select "Pictures @ Albums". 10. Create a new Album if you don't already have one there. Give it a descriptive name. 11. Click on the "Upload Pictures" link at the top or bottom. 12. Click on one of the 5 "Browse" buttons. 13. Navigate to the folder on your computer where you saved your pictures and select the one you want to copy. 14. Press the "Open" button to select that picture. 15. Repeat up to 5 times for each picture you want to upload/copy. 16. Press the "Upload Pictures" button at the bottom. 17. Press the "Save button at the bottom. 18. You have just uploaded your pictures. 19. Repeat as desired but, keep an eye on the storage capacity limits in your Albums. 20. You can create multiple albums.

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