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  1. Which Windshield do you like best?
  2. 70/65W bulbs in the ST1300 Headlights?
  3. How many of you think that there is an Abrupt Throttle Problem?
  4. How long did you have to wait in your country for the ST after it was first released?
  5. Vote for your favorite 2 contest entries
  6. PIAA 910's or something else?
  7. How many of you do your own mechanical work on your ST1300?
  8. Where does your front tire wear the most?
  9. Gas fillups - side stand or centerstand?
  10. What seat position, low, middle or high?
  11. Safety Lighing Poll
  12. VistaCruise vs Throttlemeister
  13. Tire Life
  14. ST 1300 Pan weave issue
  15. Age
  16. group rides